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Private Root Canal Dentist in Cheadle Hulme, Cheshire

Your dentist may advise you that you need to have one of your teeth root filled in order to save the tooth.

This procedure is one of the most technically challenging procedures performed in the dental surgery.

During the procedure the tooth is numbed and the root canal is carefully cleaned and shaped with special files. The root canal is disinfected and then it is filled with a special sealer to prevent future bacterial growth and therefore pain and swelling.

Owing to the difficulty in this procedure there are several possible complications which are listed below.

  • Fracture of the shaping file in the root canal
  • Perforation of the root by the shaping file
  • Failure to identify and therefore fill hidden canals
  • Continued pain and swelling even after the treatment is completed
  • Future flare up of infection in the tooth even after the tooth has settled
  • Fracture of the tooth

Some people prefer to have the tooth extracted and you must be fully aware that this is always an option.

Whilst root canal treatment is available to you on the NHS you must also be aware that you have the option of being referred to see a specialist in this field for your treatment. Average costs for this are around £700.

You must also be aware that on the NHS we are only funded to use the most basic of root canal treatment equipment and materials and it is for this reason the chance of success is reduced.

Thankfully here at Freedom Dental we have invested in the most advanced equipment and materials for root canal treatment and as such can offer you this treatment privately outside of the NHS.

If you opt for the private treatment we will use the latest anti breakage files together with premium quality root canal sealer.

We are so confident of these new materials that we can give you an over 90% chance of success and will guarantee the work for two years.

The cost for this treatment ranges from £245 to £395 depending on the size of the tooth and your dentist will be able to advise you which cost applies to you.



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